Thursday, August 23, 2012

LESSON 18 pronombres relativos

We use the pronombres relativos to link two pharses and the second one qualifies the first one

Que is the most common and we use it to link people or things:

El niño que ha venido es mi hermano....the boy that has come is my brother

El que, la que are used when we link a name alredy said and we avoid to repet  it:

Donna es una amiga de USA y es la que me ha preguntado sobre estos pronombres......
Donna is a friend from USA and is ho has asked about these pronombres
( in this case you can also say...Donna es una amiga de USA y es quien me ha preguntado sobre estos pronombres and is more formal)

Esta casa es la que compraremos....this house is the house that we are going to buy

Lo que we use it when we are talking about ideas,actions or concepts:

lo que necesitamos es una chaqueta.....what we need is a jacket

Esto es de lo que te estoy this what I am talking about

Remember that i I have been talking just in singular and they can also be used in plural like los que, las que
next lesson more pronombres demostrativos

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